Monday, March 8, 2010

Some linux fixes.

I've been a linux user for almost 2 years now. But i've always had problems sticking to it since i had a few problems which i thought were not so easy to solve n i'll have to wait for the developers to fix it which didnt seem a feasible thing to do. So i've always been back n forth between linux and windows. Now i use ubuntu ( 9.10 at the time of this post)
But over the last few months after intense googling, i've been able to fix a few problems which i ran into. The annoyances and their fixes are as listed below.

1) Connecting to the internet ( via a wireless data card ):
I've had problems with connecting to the net with my huawei data card with network manager. The only possible fix i've found so far is installing wvdial. Download the following packages (from for ubuntu users) to install wvdial:
Configuring wvdial is simple: open the terminal an type in ( after connecting the data card):
sudo wvdialconf

sudo gedit /etc/wvdial.conf

this command opens up the file wvdial.conf, now enter your username,password and number to dial in their respective places
add the following line at the end of the file:
Stupid Mode = 1
Now, you're good to go with the net connection with this command - open terminal and execute : sudo wvdial

2)(If)Empathy does not connect AT ALL:
Press alt+f2 to bring up the 'run' program. Type in : gconf-editor
Now, after its opened, press ctrl+f
search for "empathy", select both options that show up below the text space before hitting search.
Simply navigate to /apps/empathy in the sidepane
in the space to the right, you should see and option called : "use conn"
uncheck it.
Thats all, now you're good to go with empathy.

3) The tear effect- horizontal lines appearing in the video and even when moving around windows:
Check out the following links:
1 and 2

These are a few things i could list out as of now. Will be adding a few more when i get time. For queries, feel free to mail me at

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