Saturday, February 27, 2010

The twist

Life is a strange mystery. As it unfolds before our very eyes, the mystery unravels, and often what results is coincidental... a dejavu of sorts. All of us are blessed with the the capacity to think,and create our everyday reality. It may sound like a very spiritual concept, but we are living in a universe which proves this very idea. Cellphones, internet, computers, monstrous machines, hell packed atomic bombs, etc.., all forms of absolute beauty. What we use it for, is a very conscious choice. Nevertheless, its hard to deny that these seemingly "simple" things are our current reality. If we happen to invent time machines, traveled back to say 1000 ad, and narrated the story of our present times, they'd probably laugh at us and confine us to a mental asylum. Because its really that hard to believe, yet we live it.
All this has come about by a few extraordinary people who did not know their boundaries, who did not define themselves in absolute terms, who did not care to fill their brains with the opinions of the world. Most of know many such stories of great men, yet many live in denial of things they want to make a part of their reality.
Today, its just money, popularity, and all that is related that our lives are geared towards. Kids, from a very young age start preparing for the rat race. Mechanical lives. Theres always something people "must" do.. immaterial of whether they would actually like it or not. Often, theres nothing that "we ought to do", only what we like to do.

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